Too much fluid (fluid overload)

If there is too much fluid in the body you can become fluid overloaded. This is caused by more fluid going into your body than is coming out. Fluid overload can be dangerous to your heart. If in any doubt, phone your Dialysis center for advice.

Signs of fluid overload include:

  • If your weight goes up quickly, it is most likely fluid weight gain. While you may gain solid body weight, this usually happens over a longer period of time.
  • Excess fluid in the body can gather under the skin and collect around your ankles, hands and eyes, making them swollen.
  • Fluid can build up in your bloodstream causing high blood pressure.
  • Fluid can gather in your lungs. This is dangerous. It can become hard to breathe, especially when lying flat.

"I have been overloaded and I became breathless, my legs were like tree trunks and I was having difficulty walking." - Juliet Purchas-Tejan, kidney patient

May 1, 2006