Choices of where to have hemodialysis

Hemodialysis treatments can be carried out at:

  • a hemodialysis center (such treatment is known as unit dialysis or in-center dialysis)
  • a minimal care or self-care center
  • home

Dialysis center
Most hemodialysis patients receive their treatment in a specially designed dialysis center. The dialysis center may be within a hospital or in a separate outpatient building.

Patients travel to the unit to use one of the unit's dialysis machines.

During a dialysis treatment, patients may move about in their beds or recliner chairs but are not able to move around the dialysis center. They can chat, read, work on crafts, or watch TV.

Nurses at the units prepare the equipment, insert the needles, and supervise the sessions. Most units encourage patients to play an active part in their own treatment. This may involve checking your own blood pressure or inserting your own needles. You may be taught how to put yourself on and take yourself off the dialysis machine.

Patients need to be on a fixed schedule and must travel to the unit approximately three times a week.

Hemodialysis: Most hemodialysis patients are treated at a dialysis center in a hospital or outpatient treatment center, which have dialysis machines.

May 1, 2006